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Price, analyze, compare, and rank a variety of structured products in an instant.

Clients and User Groups

A variety of structured finance professionals have used our proven solutions to price, analyze and compare bonds: investment banks, hedge funds, insurance and accounting firms, professional service providers, asset management, brokers, dealers, and others that invest in, trade, or monitor all types of structured finance portfolios. User groups generally include:

1. Trading desk executives and traders, analysts, research
2. IT professionals, front office and quant developers, project managers
3. Risk management, product controllers, compliance, reporting

We make all of their lives easier with better, faster results and fewer headaches.


The clock is ticking on your deal. Why wait any longer than you have to?

✔ Everything you need is available at the start of the day including calculated cashflow scenarios
✔ Instant alerts on bonds matching your interest
✔ Analyze your bidlists faster
✔ One-pagers, tearsheets, and reports ready for use per your design


You face complex demands. They aren’t getting any easier over time. We can help.

✔ Get a highly flexible, tailored system without the IT spend and project demands
✔ We integrate data including models, vectors, pricing data, credit ratings, and color and any desired scenarios and calculations
✔ Leverage your existing investments in data


Get the precise answers you need, automatically tracking market changes.

✔ Save, repeat, and automatically update complex algorithmic and programmatic scenarios
✔ Visualize asset level changes for the entire portfolio
✔ Aggregate all cashflows automatically to see return at the portfolio level

Bond Types and Portfolios

Our tailored pricing and analytics solutions are deployed across a range of structured finance portfolios including agency and non-agency RMBS, CRT, CMBS, CLO/CDO and CRE CLO, as well as all types of ABS with extensive focus on student loans.

All Bonds

You may be able to reduce expenses with the only system that integrates all bond types in a single platform.

✔ See immediate results in custom views
✔ Save models, scenarios and calculations and apply them automatically
✔ Improve performance without adding to IT projects list


Wouldn’t it be great to cut through the complexity and manual work with power tools for your CMBS portfolio?

✔ See exactly where your portfolio is going
✔ Predict asset stratifications and breakdowns per deal
✔ Get accurate cashflows in a fraction of the time
✔ Customize exactly what you want


Need flexible tools that can connect the massive data sets for these bonds and give you true transparency?

✔ Get faster notice of refinancing and similar portfolio impacts
✔ Tie out cashflow collateral results to Intex
✔ Zoom in on the smallest details without losing the big picture


Get the exact system you want, customized to your exact needs for auto, SLABS, credit card, or any ABS portfolio.

✔ Analyze and compare deals with speed
✔ Support special scenarios
✔ Predict the effects of economic changes
✔ Save time on automating processes


If you demand more than your current CLO pricing and analysis platform can deliver, it’s time to look at an upgrade.

✔ Easily apply complex scenarios, on demand or on a schedule
✔ Produce your choice of custom reports
✔ Speed up trading activity with pre-aggregated and pre-calculated aggregated data

Learn More

Download more information on benefits available by your bond portfolio type or contact us for a personalized demo and discussion.

✔ Take full advantage of opportunities
✔ Avoid being blindsided due to current system limitations
✔ Use a system that works the way you want it to

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