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Thetica Systems provides tailored analytics and data integration for structured finance, allowing a wide range of clients to price, compare, analyze, and report on bonds. An experienced Intex Solutions partner, we provide hundreds of users with tools that fit the way they want to work, without limiting them to any particular model or business approach. 

Clients select the platform and interface that fit their needs and an extensive library of proprietary modules, interface options, and infrastructure building blocks enables rapid implementation of an individually customized system. Business logic, models, and client-licensed data from any source can be integrated for a range of bond types in a single platform. 

The word "Thetica" was created from the Greek letter "theta," representing thought or reason, and "etica," representing ethics. Thought, reason, and ethics are essential elements of any successful business and commitment to this concept is embedded in the company's name.

Key Benefits

Custom Analytics

Get the system you want without a long project or the burden of maintaining and enhancing it.

Intex Expertise

We help clients to get the maximum value from their relationship with this vital data provider.

Model Integrations

Easily integrate any model, whether third-party or in-house, and export results to other systems.

Scalable Infrastructure

Our ElastiCloud API adjusts to traffic load to keep your server costs down without limiting performance. 

Flexible Interface

Finally you can work the way you want to, with multiple secure interface and data exchange options.

Security Options

We successfully serve a range of highly regulated clients and protect your business like it was our own. 

Traders and Portfolio Managers

The clock is ticking on your deal. Why wait any longer than you have to?
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IT Managers and Technical Teams

You face complex demands. They’re not getting any simpler over time. We can help.
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Risk Management, Analysis, and Valuation

Get the precise answers you need, automatically tracking market changes.
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What Clients Say

From a survey of over 200 current users.
Our expertise is in customizing solutions for licensed users of Intex Solutions market data. We can integrate many additional data sources, including those shown here, as well as third party and internal models. Don’t see what you’re wondering about? Just ask, our experience is very broad.

Don't want to settle for the same tools as everyone else in the market?
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you don't have to.

Price, analyze, compare, and rank a variety of structured products in an instant.

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